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IN 2015 we began to issue our own series of A4 size booklets on specialist topics related to the Local History of Gateacre and district. The first title is
'The Story of The Lee and Its People 1086-2012'.

Our 53-page booklet entitled 'The Story of The Lee and its People 1086-2012' is available as a
free PDF download
from our Box.com filestore:

The booklet is based on the researches of the late Sylvia Lewis, who was the founder of the Gateacre Society in the 1970s. Ken Williams - a descendant of the Duttons of Lee Hall - has updated and illustrated Mrs Lewis's work.

Printed copies (A4 size) are on sale at Gateacre Society meetings, price £3. They can also be supplied within the U.K. by mail order (P & P £1.50 extra).
For further information please contact us

It is hoped that further publications will be issued in this format in due course.

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