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Between 1977 and 1988 a memorable and well-attended series of guided walks - looking at the local history and architecture of Gateacre and neighbouring parts of Woolton - was organised by the Gateacre Society. The guides were the late Janet Gnosspelius (architect and local historian) and John Dewsnap (architectural historian) and those taking part in the walks were issued with a set of typewritten notes for reference purposes.

These notes recorded much of what was said; but they also contained a wealth of additional information about building dates, ownership and occupiers derived from sources such as the Tithe Map, Rate Books and Census records for Little Woolton and Much Woolton townships, based on the researches of Gateacre Society Committee members Joan Borrowscale and the late Sylvia Lewis.

The authors of the notes were at pains to point out that they were not 'the last word' in terms of local history; in fact they were seen as a starting point for future research. So now it has been decided to transcribe the original notes and make them more widely available. During the transcription process, some errors may have crept in, so PLEASE LET US KNOW
of anything that may need to be amended. Additional information about the people and buildings featured will also be very welcome.

The style of the Notes was unique - a reflection of the guides' personalities - and we do not want to change them too much. But on each web page we shall leave room for an 'additions and corrections' section to record any comments received.

Gateacre Walk 1
- Centre of Gateacre Village - 16 July 1977

Gateacre Walk 2
- inc. Rose Brow & Oakfield Avenue - 8 July 1978

Gateacre Walk 3
- inc. the Chapel & Sandfield Road - 30 August 1980

Gateacre Walk 4
- inc. Belle Vale Road & Halewood Road - 28 August 1982

Gateacre & Woolton Joint Walk 1
- Beaconsfield Road - 3 May 1986

Gateacre & Woolton Joint Walk 2
- Woolton Park - 2 May 1987

Gateacre & Woolton Joint Walk 3
- Acrefield Road - 1 May 1988

Above: The start of Gateacre Walk Four (28 August 1982)

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