The new timetable for the 174 bus service (Belle Vale-Penny Lane via Gateacre) came into force on 23rd July. Three months on, we have sent some comments to Merseytravel. The loop via Reynolds Park and Woolton Village - introduced to replace the withdrawn route 173 - is very useful for residents of Gateacre Park Drive and Gateacre Village, but has not been well publicised. The timetable leaflets being handed out by Merseytravel are full of errors - including misspellings and an inaccurate route map - and don't give departure times for any of the stops in Gateacre Village. The drivers are complaining that they are given 28 minutes for the whole journey, whatever the time of day - and the knock-on effects of traffic congestion in the mid/late afternoon last for a long time afterwards. Our request for a new southbound bus stop and a relocated northbound stop in Grange Lane has still not been answered. Merseytravel's response to all of these points is currently awaited, and will be reported here in due course.

Right and below: Some extracts from the Merseytravel leaflet (still being handed out at information centres in October 2017).

Spot the mistakes!

A few hints: How do you spell Gateacre? Where's Allerton Library?
What's the impact of the Woolton Farmers Market?
Could YOU get from Childwall Library to Woolton Village in 4 minutes?

You can download the CORRECT version of the leaflet from HERE (left-click).

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