Some other items from our March Newsletter


Monday 21st May 2018, 7.30pm. "The Hungarian Revolution of 1956, its aftermath and my escape" by Dr Andrew Zsigmond

Monday 9th July 2018, 7.30pm. "Liverpool Cowkeepers" by Dave Joy

Both speakers come highly recommended by other societies.
The talks will take place in Gateacre Chapel, as usual.

We are pleased to report that, following objections from ourselves and local residents, the application for retrospective planning permission for the black-and-gold fence in Childwall Lane (see last
Newsletter) was REFUSED by the Planning Department on 19th January. The official Decision Notice describes it as "an incongruous and obtrusive feature within the street scene, that adversely affects the open character and nature of the area and is to the detriment of visual amenity".

Anyone familiar with the (now blocked) pedestrian route from Acrefield Road via Glenacres to Woolton Park is encouraged to attend the Public Inquiry at Woolton Golf Club, Speke Road, on Tuesday 27th March, starting at 10 am. A Rights of Way Inspector will listen to the evidence from the City Council, ourselves and our witnesses in support of the route being reopened. He/she will then hear the objections from the Byron Court Management Company, who built a brick wall across the path in March 2016 and do not want it to be designated as a Public Right of Way.

Further information about our Right of Way Claim, and copies of the various submissions from both sides, can be found on our special Public Rights of Way web pages

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