When the planning application was submitted to build houses on the former Gateacre Comp School site, we expressed concern about the future of the grass verge which was such a distinctive feature of Grange Lane. We were assured that the surrounding pavements would be relaid like-for-like, i.e. with grass verges in Grange Lane and Gateacre Park Drive but not in Cuckoo Lane.

The Grange Lane verge is now interrupted by 57 driveways to the new houses, but new turf has been laid in between the driveways to maintain a predominantly green frontage. Following early damage to the turf caused by pavement parking, white post-and-chain fences have been installed to keep vehicles off the grass. Recently, however, we noted that tarmac had been laid in a few places - e.g. either side of Chantry Road, which is the new side turning off Grange Lane - where grass had been indicated on the Site Plan.

This has been reported to Countryside Properties' project manager, as well as to the City Council's highways and planning departments,  and we very much hope that remedial action will be taken.

Above right: The illustrations we have supplied to Liverpool City Council's Highways Department

Extracts from the Site Plan currently being issued by Countryside Properties to prospective house purchasers on their Gateacre Park estate.
(The red arrows indicate the verges that have NOT as yet been provided)

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