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How Dales Farmers Became City Cowkeepers and Suburban Milkmen

An illustrated talk by Dave Joy
in Gateacre Chapel, Gateacre Brow, Liverpool L25 3PB on Monday 9th July at 7.30 pm

The mid-1800s witnessed a mass exodus from the Pennine Dales. Farmers and miners sought a new life - some in the New World, but others closer to home. Many of the former farmers became Liverpool Cowkeepers, selling milk to a rapidly expanding city population. The cows kept in Liverpool back yards became part of the life and economy of the city and continued to serve its people for over a hundred years. The cowkeepers overcame many challenges, and survived through hard work, good Yorkshire business nous and the ability to adapt. They later became suburban milkmen - part of the best doorstep food delivery service in the world and a key part of the British way of life.

In this fully illustrated presentation Dave Joy draws on his own family's history to tell the story of the lives and times of the Liverpool Cowkeepers. The Joy family came from the Upper Wharfedale valley in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and established city milkhouses in Wavertree and Garston.


Admission free

Donations invited

Copies of Dave's two books, Liverpool Cowkeepers and My Family & Other Scousers (a memoir of his childhood spent at Wellington Dairy in Garston), will be on sale at the end of the talk.

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