Our next talk (on Zoom):
Monday 31st January at 7.30 p.m.
Dr D Ben Rees


Dr Ben Rees has been a loyal historian to his community. His latest book - 'The Welsh in Liverpool: A Remarkable History' was launched in October 2021. As he says, it is impossible to digest 325 pages in an hour, so this lecture will concentrate on just a few aspects. It will tell the amazing story of those who fled poverty and persecution, in search of a higher standard of living. Some of them failed, but remained in Liverpool. Many of them became rich, and were generous to the Welsh communities, paying for their Chapels and missionary halls where young and old were taught morals and religious knowledge. They made Liverpool the unofficial capital of Wales.

Liverpool attracted men of substance as leaders, and the growth of the city offered an opportunity for Welsh builders to undertake huge building programmes in areas such as Toxteth, Anfield, Everton, Orrell, Allerton and Childwall. The Welsh were also heavily involved in school teaching in Liverpool, and missionary work in North-east India. Within their community they organised Festivals, Eisteddfodau, and Welsh-language newspapers. The Liverpool Welsh are embedded in the history of the city: football, commerce, shipping, the docks, industry, large stores, and more.

This is a 'members only' meeting. If you attended any of our previous Zoom meetings, you'll automatically be sent a link for this one a couple of days beforehand. Otherwise, if you are a Gateacre Society member and wish to attend this talk, please email us and we'll send you the necessary link (plus guidance notes, in case you're new to Zoom).

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