A fleet of Voi electric scooters arrived in Liverpool last year, as part of a pilot project to see whether car traffic can be reduced by offering scooters for hire in the city centre and in selected suburban areas. Gateacre and Woolton are included, the outer boundary of the Voi area being defined by Bentham Drive, Gateacre Park Drive, Grange Lane, Halewood Road, Out Lane, Kings Drive and High Street.

Problems soon became apparent, like scooters being abandoned on pavements without regard to the impact on pedestrians. With the arrival of cold weather, scooter use has declined and most of them are now confined to the officially-designated 'parking spots' - for example at the junction of Grange Lane/Belle Vale Road and (pictured) Gateacre Brow/Acrefield Road. It remains to be seen whether, when the riding season re-commences, last year's problems will re-emerge.

There is now a well-established procedure for reporting dangerous riders and inconsiderate parking:
go to, enter details of the location, the problem and the 4-digit QR code of the offending scooter, and ideally submit a photograph to illustrate your complaint.

Above: The Council-approved Voi 'parking spot' at the junction of Gateacre Brow and Acrefield Road, photographed in August 2021

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