On 27th November our area, along with many other parts of northern England, was hit by Storm Arwen. The unusually strong northerly gales had devastating effects, which can still be observed in Woolton Woods, Bishop's Lodge grounds and elsewhere. Local pavements were also blocked by fallen trees, branches and fences, Acrefield Road, Gateacre Brow and Grange Lane being three local examples.

Thanks to pressure from Cllr Kris Brown, the Acrefield Road footway was cleared within a couple of weeks. We reported the other two via the City Council's 'street issues' web page, but 7 weeks later the Grange Lane footway (see picture) is still blocked. We hope that action will soon be taken to clear away the debris and restore public access.

In order to report litter or debris that needs cleaning up, phone Liverpool City Council on 0151 233 3001 or visit https://liverpool.gov.uk/environmental-problems/rubbish-and-litter/

If you register your email address at https://liverpool.gov.uk/Account/LoginPage, then you will be able to monitor the progress of your

Above: The view towards the junction of Grange Lane and Gateacre Rise, photographed in December 2021

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