The Gateacre Society
Founded 1974. Registered Charity No. 508024

Guarding the Past  -
Safeguarding the Future

or have any other interest in
the well-being of our area, then
JOIN the Gateacre Society NOW !

Membership commits you to nothing beyond
for the aims and the work of the Society.

Simply send the appropriate annual subscription to the Membership Secretary at 26 Primrose Road, Liverpool L18 2HE. (Cheques payable to 'The Gateacre Society', please). Note that the Society's membership year ends on 31st October, but payment of your first subscription ensures delivery of Newsletters for at least twelve months, and those joining from 1st July onwards are regarded as 'paid up' until October of the following year.

The rates for 2017/18 are:
Household £4,
Single Pensioner £3,
Company, etc. £6.

For further information
contact us

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