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gives Notice of the Modification Order, October 2017

On 13th October the Planning Inspectorate announced that our Right of Way Claim in respect of the path from Acrefield Road to Woolton Park, via Glenacres and Byron Court, will be the subject of a Public Inquiry - starting on 27th March 2018. The venue will be Woolton Golf Club, and anyone with a view to express is invited to attend.

You can view the NOTICE OF ORDER and the Covering Letter, which was sent to interested parties and individuals, in our BoxCom filestore.

You can also view/download the various documents which had been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate by Liverpool City Council

The deadline for submission of STATEMENTS OF CASE was 30th January 2018, and you can read the Gateacre Society's statement HERE

This map shows the pedestrian route - currently blocked by a brick wall on the Byron Court/Glenacres boundary - which we are claiming should be designated as a Public Right of Way.

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