The Planning Officer's Report,
October 2001


1 - The development hereby permitted shall be commenced before the expiration of 5 years from the date of this permission.

REASON: As provided for by Section 91 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

2 - The development shall be carried out in accordance with a phasing programme for the principal elements of the development to be agreed in writing with the local planning authority and the local highway authority prior to work commencing on site; the programme to include details in respect of such matters as vehicular access to the site during construction phases, maintenance of pedestrian routes, the impact of the construction works on the surrounding highway network and the phasing of all landscaping works, interim site treatment as appropriate (including any semi-permanent site treatment in the event of slippage in the programme), treatment of ground surfaces and the erection of all temporary and permanent means of enclosure; for the avoidance of doubt, the first phase of any agreed phasing programme shall include all the approved works to the retained listed buildings at 91/95 Old Hall Street.

REASON: It is in the interests of visual amenity, road safety and the proper planning of the area, bearing in mind the prominence of the site and its relationship to key traffic routes and junctions, and its pivotal position in terms of pedestrian movement through the area.

3 - In so far as this permission relates to the completion of each element of the development in one or more phases, and prior to the use of each element commencing, all the works shown on the approved plans or specified in other conditions, shall be completed to the satisfaction of the local planning authority, and for the avoidance of doubt, the completed works shall include the laying out of all areas to be landscaped including the treatment of the King Edward Street frontage, all service roads within the curtilage of the site and the approved hard and soft landscaping to the areas surrounding the listed cottages at 91/95 Old Hall Street.

REASON: It is in the interests of visual amenity and the amenity of users.

4 - Approval of the following details shall be obtained from the local planning authority and the development shall not commence until all the stated details have been approved:-

(i) details of the means of enclosure including walls and handrails to all public areas not built upon;
(ii) details of canopy over main entrance to hotel;
(iii) details of the layout and associated hard surface materials to be used for the construction of all public areas within the demise of the premises;
(iv) details of the configuration and layout of the servicing lay by for the hotel on Old Hall Street including kerb realignment and build outs;
(v) details of any external lighting including type of fittings and siting;
(vi) details of structure planting and street furniture associated with the laying out of soft landscaping in all public areas including tree pits and soil containments.

REASON: These details are not included in the application and the Council wishes to ensure that they are satisfactory.

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