One of the few surviving relics from the Liverpool of 1803

This extract from Horwood's Map of Liverpool, drawn in 1803, shows the building's distinctive shape quite clearly. Situated at the end of Old Hall Street, opposite Leeds Street (now Old Leeds Street), it guarded the entrance to 'Mr Clark's Coal Yard' alongside the terminal basin of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

The building photographed in July 2001.
After ten years of neglect, it is still structurally sound and could quite easily be refurbished.

Issued July 2001
by Mike Chitty

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GOOD NEWS: September 2001
This web page was first created in July 2001, when a listed building consent application for demolition (reference 01L/1431) was submitted by the Beetham Organization. This application has now been withdrawn.
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for more information on what is now proposed.

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