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Mike Chitty. Published by the Wavertree Society in 1999.

112-page paperback, 220x118 mm,
ISBN 0-9536441-0-3

This book, written by our Local History Secretary and illustrated with a mixture of line drawings, photographs and maps, takes you on a guided walk - either 'for real' or in the comfort of your armchair - around Wavertree's two Conservation Areas: the Village and the Garden Suburb. It is full of fascinating facts and stories about Wavertree past and present.

As the book's Introduction points out, the history of Wavertree since the eighteenth century is a reflection of the history of Liverpool, and one of the best ways of discovering that history is to take a walk along its streets. The object of the book is to guide you on that journey. It takes you back to prehistoric times, as you walk past Urn Mount in Victoria Park. It takes you back to the days of wind-power, as you walk past the site of Wavertree Mill. It recalls the legends of long ago, as you stand by the Monks Well in Mill Lane. It recalls the 'pioneers' who built a new community, as you walk along Thingwall Road.

So, whether you are interested in the history of Wavertree, or simply curious about the Wavertree you see around you today ... read on.



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