CAR FREE DAY in the High Street
Sunday 22nd September,

One of the outcomes of the first LoveWavertree opinion survey (see below) was the recognition that traffic - while vital to some local businesses - brings with it severe problems of pedestrian discomfort, air pollution and noise which need to be tackled if Wavertree High Street is to regain its historic role as the heart of the community.
It so happens that 22nd September is World Car Free Day, when cities everywhere are invited to demonstrate that there are alternatives to the current situation. Liverpool City Council has agreed to close the High Street (between the Picton Clock and the Rose Garden) to all traffic - apart from emergency vehicles - between 11am and 3pm on that day.

LoveWavertree is in the process of organising a number of special events to take advantage of the car-free environment, and to bring people into the High Street on a scale rarely seen before. The focus of these events will be the Rose Garden, which is celebrating its 40th birthday this year as a shining example (repeatedly mentioned by respondents to the online survey) of community pride and involvement.

A lot has happened since our last Newsletter appeared in June. That issue contained a brief mention of Historic England's 'High Streets Heritage Action Zones' initiative, and suggested that the Wavertree Village Conservation Area would be eligible to apply for funding. Thanks to a lot of work by Councillor Clare McIntyre and other enthusiastic individuals, that bid gained the support of the Mayor of Liverpool and was formally submitted by the City Council to Historic England on 12th July.

A steering committee - with representatives from the Wavertree Society and the Wavertree Village Residents & Businesses Association, sitting alongside local councillors and others - was set up to take the plans forward. The campaign was given a title - 'Love Wavertree' - which, the organisers hope, will ensure that the momentum will continue whatever the outcome of the HSHAZ bid.

From the outset, the emphasis has been on community involvement - young, old, residents and business people - and on the use of social media as a means of communication. The Twitter account @LoveWavertree issues regular updates and invites discussion of specific proposals. Open meetings have been held at The Cricketers function room in Long Lane, and online surveys have been organised to gather opinions: firstly on what's good and bad about Wavertree High Street, secondly on the merits of holding a Car Free Day, and most recently about whether Wavertree should make more of its Beatles connections.

To be kept fully informed of what 'Love Wavertree' is thinking and doing, follow @LoveWavertree on Twitter or email

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