Applications are being made by the 5G network operators Hutchison (on behalf of Three and EE) and Telefonica (O2) for new masts all over Liverpool. Following Hutchison's planning application (ref.20PT/1177, to which we objected) for a 20-metre high mast in Thingwall Road, Telefonica has now applied (20PT/1435) for one on the central reservation of Childwall Road, close to the Mill Lane junction. We have asked why Vodafone cannot share this mast, which would allow the removal of the existing O2/Vodafone 4G mast on the corner of Lance Lane.

Mast sharing is encouraged by the government (in the guidance they issue to local planning authorities) but, according to Council officers, "the industry tell us this isn't feasible". It would seem that more masts, and taller masts, are inevitable if the demand for 5G mobile coverage is to be satisfied.

Left: Extracts from documents submitted as part of planning application 20PT/1435.
The elevation drawing (top) shows the height of the proposed mast in relation to the existing Childwall Road lamppposts.

Above: "The proposed design is the most suitable choice for this site, integrating well into the surroundings being located next to the warehouses"

Really? In Childwall Road??

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