We're intending to open Wavertree Lock-up to visitors, once again, on Sunday 19th September, 12-4 pm, as part of the national Heritage Open Days programme. (Last year's 'virtual' tours remain in place here on our website for those unable to attend in person).

Meanwhile we have received Tree Works Consent (application ref. 21T/1441) for the removal of five Norway Maples from the village green. These five are the ones nearest to the Lock-up, and we feel that their removal will enhance the visibility of, and reduce damage to, the listed building. It will also allow the grass underneath to regenerate. The 5 trees to be felled are among the 25 trees on the village green covered by a Tree Preservation Order, which was imposed by the City Council in 2013 when our plans were first announced (see Newsletters 192
and 195).

By way of compensation for the loss of the trees, we are are proposing to plant a total of 10 trees - of a more appropriate species - on a nearby site.

The trees to be removed are those numbered 7, 8, 17, 18 and 21 on this plan.
You can read our justification for the proposal here

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