In June 2021 we received an email from Anne & Andrew Shribman, who live in a village south of Macclesfield in Cheshire. They wondered whether we were interested in an oil painting - which they'd bought at an auction many years ago - inscribed with the title 'Wavertree Mill 1883' and the artist's name 'W.T.Hann'. We're pleased to report that they have now generously presented the painting to the Wavertree Society, and we are hopeful that it will soon be on display inside Wavertree Town Hall.

It's difficult to determine where the artist stood to paint the Mill, because he hasn't included the quarries or outbuildings that feature on most photographs. We've established that William Thomas Hann was primarily a portrait painter and 'ship painter' (meaning that he decorated ships' interiors, we believe, rather than that he painted pictures of ships). Hann was living in Cresswell Street, Everton, at the time of the 1881 Census, and in 1883 he would have been about 27 years old.

Below: W.T.Hann's painting of Wavertree Mill - and Mr & Mrs Shribman presenting it to our chairman, Robert Zatz, in July 2021

You can see a photograph of the Mill, and maps showing where it used to stand, elsewhere on our website

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