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Two recent events - the LoveWavertree Car Free Day in 2019, and the Covid Lockdown in 2020 - have led many people to ask whether more could be done to make Wavertree High Street, and the adjacent section of Picton Road, serve the needs of the local community (including the business community) instead of the needs of through traffic.

Several years ago we suggested the reallocation of road space, with the former bus lane catering for all traffic heading westbound, and the present 'middle lane' being used for traffic in the opposite direction. The lane on the north side could then be converted into a series of lay-bys (for short-term customer parking, deliveries, etc.) separated by planters and widened pavements (to create a more pleasant pedestrian environment).

We have started to discuss these ideas on Zoom, and hope to be able to put forward some definite proposals - for discussion with the City Council, local business people and residents - quite soon. If you have any immediate comments or suggestions, please email

Image of a similar project in Altrincham

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