On Saturday 18th March, an Open Day was held at the Wavertree Garden Suburb Institute in Thingwall Road. The object was to encourage local residents to take part in a very successful project, launched at the beginning of last year: WGS in Bloom. The day also saw the official reopening of the tennis courts and bowling green further along Thingwall Road, with 'taster' sessions available to all-comers.

Wavertree Garden Suburb in Bloom is recognised by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) as an 'It's Your Neighbourhood' group. One of its aims is "to offer local residents a platform to learn, collaborate and share knowledge for the benefit of the community and the environment". To date, the group has hosted community seed-sowing sessions, biodiversity audits, sustainability lectures, community compost and summer plant fairs. The intention is that such projects will bring the community together to share knowledge and have a wider and lasting positive impact - on the environment, the health and the well-being of WGS residents and the wider community.

To become a member of Wavertree Garden Suburb In Bloom (no experience required!) or to find out more, email
or follow them @WgsBloom on Twitter.

Photographs of the
WGS in Bloom Open Day, 18th March 2023
© Mike Chitty, The Wavertree Society

Right and top right: The Institute, Thingwall Road

Far right: Inside the Tennis & Bowling Club pavilion

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