The Demolition Proposal Modified, September 2001

On 5th September 2001 the City Council notified objectors that the Beetham Organization had withdrawn its application to demolish 91-93 Old Hall Street. A new Listed Building Consent application (ref. 01L/2075) has been submitted by Beetham 'to partially demolish 95 Old Hall Street and to carry out works in connection with the conversion of the remaining buildings for purposes within Class A3 (Food and Drink) of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987, as part of the redevelopment of the adjoining land for hotel, rsidential, and office purposes (to which application 01F/1430 refers)'.

English Heritage have described the new proposal as follows:

"Most of the existing buildings will be retained for adaptive re-use. The later, northern building will be demolished, as will the last metre or so of the adjacent bay to the cottages. This will be replaced by a modern intervention overlooking the entrance to the proposed hotel, which will probably be largely glazed to maximise light into the remainder of the buildings to discourage further openings elsewhere in the historic fabric.

"In addition, it has been agreed that the original openings on the east and south sides will be retained, and the pattern and rhythm of the door and window openings will be preserved. To the west, a small glazed link will be provided to allow access from the hotel to the buildings, in an area of the building which has seen the heavy loss of historic fabric, and some unsympathetic patching and re-fenestration.

"The original stone basin copings adjacent to the western wall of the buildings will be retained and incorporated into the floorscape of the new link, thus marking the line of the basin."

So it appears that the old building can, after all, co-exist with the proposed new hotel.

If you have any comments to make on this proposal, please write by 26th September 2001, quoting application reference 01L/2075, to
Mr J Benbow, Development Control Division,
Liverpool City Council, Millennium House,
60 Victoria Street, Liverpool L1 6JF.
Telephone: 0151-233 5633.

Issued September 2001
by Mike Chitty

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