The Planning Officer's Report,
October 2001

Two reports were submitted to Liverpool City Council's Planning Committee
on 16 October 2001: one relating to the Planning Application No. 01F/1430,
and the other relating to the Listed Building Consent Application No. 01L/2075.

The Committee approved the applications. The text of the reports
(B12 and B13 respectively) is reproduced here for future reference.


Site description

Relevant planning history

Response to consultations

Relevant National / UDP / SPG Planning Policies

Description of development

Main issues

Assessment of environmental factors

Traffic impact study

Visual impact assessment

Micro-climatic assessment

Assessment of architecture layout and design

Assessment of function and compatibility

Assessment of treatment to listed buildings

Conclusions and recommendations

Conditions - Application No. 01F/1430

Conditions - Application No. 01L/2075

3D modelling of the Liverpool Waterfront
(Proposed Beetham Tower on left)
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